I always want in my house, the best and beautiful interior.

Starting the renovation in your apartment, you will certainly think about what kind of interior design to implement, that would make your apartment unique and truly beautiful. Usually for such jobs, experts are employed who develop the project or use the existing one. However, as practice shows, you can manage yourself.

Great originality of your interior can add soft furniture with bright and very catchy colors. However, do not overdo it. Do not experiment with the opposite tones, that is, putting a bright red cabinet next to a bright green sofa, you will reach a very depressing effect. Color must be added in moderation.

creative design
Modern light interior
Without a soft couch not get comfort

Creative design of apartments usually involves experiments with planning, optical illusions and a variety of technical “stuffing.” There is nothing in the design of the living room from the designer Lela – simple white walls, a modest gray sofa, a usual table – but the interior of the room looks both modern and unusual. The secret is in decorative receptions and accessories, which, against the background of the modest decoration of the walls, look contrasting and fresh.

A lot of light in the room is better for the interior

What is characteristic – the creative interior of the apartment looks quite cozy: the fireplace, velvet and greens soften the coldness of the metal and the sharpness of the shapes.


Vertical landscaping and fireplace.

Instead of the usual TV – a fireplace. So the designer not only places visual accents, but also value priorities. Two stripes of vertical landscaping look conceptually and brightly on the white walls. The contrast of red and green, grass and fire fascinates, and the natural elements in the interior and symmetrical composition pacify.

Unremarkable kitchen.
It does not immediately become clear that this room is also a kitchen. More precisely, the kitchen area is the space between the bar and the wall with a fireplace. The working surface with the stove is deftly hidden behind the bar: you need to remove all the protruding elements, and the table itself is done slightly below the counter. The gray countertop also contributes to the unobtrusiveness of the kitchen area.

The ball is the perfect shape, that is, it always looks impressive. Hanging from the ceiling on a long thin cord is doubly. A trio of metal balls-lamps and the corresponding “wicker” basket chairs visually close the overall composition, bringing to the interior a metallic luster and a modern look.

Symmetry and asymmetry.
An interesting decorative technique is asymmetric details in a symmetrical composition. So, this wall with a symmetrical arrangement of doors in the central partition is hung with a picture with an asymmetric composition, which is balanced by twin candlesticks on half-columns and metal vases. But then harmony is broken by an asymmetrical sofa.

Suspended TV.
Where to determine the TV in the room, where you need to use a minimum of furniture, and leave the walls for paintings? For example, hang from the ceiling. Against the background of velvet curtains, this technological design will look especially impressive.

Velvet draperies.
The wall with the windows is covered with velvet curtains. Overflowing velvet velvet shade gives the luxury of a quiet interior. Drooping draperies, creases on the floor look somewhat theatrical, hinting at the curtain. Separately it is worth noting the design of the ceiling, hiding the cornice. The opposite wall is also decorated with velvet curtains, but gray. Dear velvet – in itself an excellent decor against the background of simple white walls.

Huge vases.
Huge two-meter vase-cups can be placed in a room with high ceilings. Large, above furniture, accessories add to the interior of the solemnity, but to the placement of the volume. The violet leaves of a houseplant sticking out of a vase look very original, causing associations with either palms or torches.

Semicolumns and candlesticks.
To arrange accents in the room or add symmetry to the composition, you can use small half-columns, finished with plaster for concrete. In themselves, they are rather modest, and the main role is played by decorative decoration from above – in our case, these are massive candlesticks made of glass, reminiscent of antique lamps.

Painting on

creative design
Modern light interior

the walls.
Creating a creative design of apartments, decorators rarely use painting, and in vain. Tastefully selected and correctly hung out paintings of contemporary artists make the interior both fashionable and exquisite. Lela designed this room with pictures of young US painters, and without any frames – therefore, in the white background, the canvases look bulky.

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