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In this post you can learn how to combine a calm, relaxing atmosphere with bright accents, modern trends in design or choose your own, original concept? How to draw ideas from existing trends in the interior. How to expand the visual space with a small footage.

If the room is small, then the color solution should be in light colors. Light tones visually increase the room. Vivid accents in a moderate amount will add a piquancy to fans of bright colors. But do not forget that bright colors carry a psychological load. After a while, the situation can be annoying and you will have to change something in the house again. In a small room there should be a minimum of furniture, so as not to create the effect of a “warehouse”, enough of a bed and a cabinet. There is functional furniture that will allow things without infringing space in a room of small dimensions.

Large windows and mirrors help to visually increase the space. And the more air and natural light will penetrate, the atmosphere will be easier and more aerial.

The interior in the classical style always looks noble and luxurious, combining beauty and functionality and is especially well combined in the interior of a room of small size.

Alternatives to mirrors – silver, copper or aluminum plates. Especially this option is suitable for style loft, modern and country.

If the area of ​​the room is large, you can safely start by finding the right place for the bed. It is best to arrange the bed from the non-sunny side. For large rooms, the style of “shabby chic”, Rocococo, classical style, oriental style, Egyptian style and many others, which we will write about in our blog, fits well. A large room, as well as a small one, needs to be properly decorated. At desire it is possible to choose dark tones for an interior, but with dark colors always it is necessary to be accurate, consider all subtleties and nuances of color combinations. The most interesting is that large rooms can be made bright, but do not forget about the rules for combining colors.

For classical interiors tiles with facet will be an elegant addition, in interiors in the style of high-tech will emphasize modernity.

If you want to make the room light, even white, in a large room it can turn into an atmosphere of gentle bliss. The room, which is decorated in a snow-white style requires daily cleaning, so it is not suitable for people who are lazy. More often than not, rich people choose such interior design.

Today, noise-absorbing materials and seals have become used in the bedrooms. Also it became fashionable to make the walls textured, which also contributes to the absorption of noise.
In order to make the atmosphere of the bedroom light and airy, use more glass and wooden surfaces. The tree has always been highly valued due to its close connection with nature. It makes the room cozy and lively. In order to fully express this or that mood, it is necessary to introduce a certain style of design.

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