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Active Ingredient: Finasteride

The Secret Propecia (Finasteride) lies not only for the treatment of male baldness, and this gives a result in more than 90 per cent of the cases.

Millions of men throughout the world have already estimated the efficiency and security of this drug rehabilitation of hair growth in a single year.

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Where to buy Finasteride it is cheap

The problem of baldness affects generally the men of middle age and men living in a stressful rhythm of life. Especially - it concerns residents of megalopolises.

How there is a loss of hair?

At an androgenic alopecia or as speak in the people of baldness there is the following chain: reproductive system> testosterone> 5th alpha reductase> dihydrotestosterone> defeat of a follicle> baldness

Treatment of follicles at a stage when they become thinner still perhaps, the main thing not to allow a follicle atrophy. How the Finasteride at baldness works? The Finasteride showed the most optimistical results in treatment of baldness, but it is desirable to accept it in a complex with vitamins and minerals, then the effect will be obvious. The Finasteride inhibits 5 - alpha reductase and lowers dihydrotestosterone biosynthesis. Positive action of a Finasteride can be observed on the 3rd month after administration of drug. The Finasteride is well soaked up in an organism, contacts blood proteins for 90% and is brought out of an organism for 55% with a stake (other part is removed by kidneys). The Finasteride in a dose of 5 mg is intended for treatment of a hyperplasia of a prostate. However researches showed positive takes in treatment of baldness at men.

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Contraindications to use a Finasteride. Men cannot accept drugs with active ingredient a Finasteride with hypersensitivity, a malignant tumor of a prostate and obstruction of urinary tract.

Side effects of the substance Finasteride