Which walls should be in the living room

In the living room, we receive guests or gather in the evenings in the family circle. This is a place where each member of the family should feel comfortable. Therefore, to come up with a good design in the living room, one should be guided not only by fashion trends in the field of finishing materials, but also take into account the wishes of those people who will live in the house.

what color walls

To choose the color of the walls for the living room, it is necessary to take into account the following factors:

  • the horizon on which the living room is located;
  • color furniture;
  • individual preferences of the tenants of the house;

To make the living room look harmonious, you need to choose the color of the walls, depending on how the room is located.

If the windows of the living room go to the north side, which is deprived of the amount of sunlight, then the ideal solution is to fill this light with the walls of the living room. With such a task pastel shades of warm colors will perfectly cope: yellow, orange, peach, mustard or olive. These color options can also be used if the windows do not go north, but are very shaded by trees.

If the windows of the living room go to the south, it is much more practical to make the walls in colder shades.

color of the wall

Choosing the color of the walls for the living room, you need to consider the color of the furniture, which it will subsequently be filled. Depending on what elements of the living room will be placed emphasis, determine the choice of color will be simple enough.

If you want an accent interior of the living room to make furniture, then try to choose a color for the walls, against which the furniture will contrast. So, for example, if the furniture is dark in color, then the walls should be calm light colors. Conversely, if the furniture is light, then for walls it is better to choose saturated bright colors.

The accent of the living room can be a fireplace, a picture on the wall, an original carpet on the floor, etc. In this case, it is better to avoid the contrast of walls and furniture, to withstand them in one color, even in different tones. This move will not clutter the interior with an abundance of colors and help to highlight exactly the fragment of the interior that should become the center of attention.

color living room

To ensure that the living room was comfortable for all members of the family, when choosing the color you need to take into account the wishes of each of them. And even if at the stage of discussing the future color it will not be possible to come to a common opinion, it will always be possible to find a compromise solution to which everyone will be satisfied.

A successful solution for the implementation of compromise coloring can be the option of combining colors in the interior. When one wall or part of it is framed in one color, and the other in another.

Minimalism in details:

In order to give the interior of the living room a visual weightlessness, it is enough to make walls in the style of minimalism. Refuse to use moldings, stucco moldings and other decor elements that load walls. Such a decision will make the lines of the living room walls more clear.